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Merchant Accounts :: Accept Credit Cards Online

Thanks to our partnership with CARDSERVICE INTERNATIONAL , e1Front can guarantee merchant account approval for qualified merchants - simply visit our Order Form for instant service.
Cardservice International is one of the fastest growing transaction processing companies in the world. Perfectly complementing e1Front's comprehensive hosting services, CARDSERVICE offers the easiest and most complete solutions for your business to securely accept all major credit cards. Well known for its unsurpassed customer service, CARDSERVICE demonstrates a firm commitment to its corporate mission:
 To provide the very best service in the transaction processing industry today.
CARDSERVICE International shares e1Front's commitment to offering superior technology as well, and you'll quickly find their know-how and seamless credit card processing technology to be an integral part of your online business.

Merchant Bundle ::

e1Front's Merchant bundle can be added to any of our hosting plans, from the Linux to NT. Packaged as a bundle, this solution integrates what are usually very separate and confusing parts of an E-commerce site:

  • MERCHANT SERVICES - The service that allows any business to accept credit cards for payment and have the funds deposited directly into your bank account. PAYMENT PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY - The swipe machine or other technology that enables you to charge credit cards online or off-line
  • WEB SITE INTEGRATION - The easy linking of your Web site with that payment processing technology.

e1Front does not bill you for the E-commerce bundle - CARDSERVICE International will - but our partnership with CARDSERVICE ensures you receive some of the industry's lowest rates and best services. We have delineated the costs below, so you have a complete picture of what is involved to start accepting credit cards now.

1- Merchant Account :: Guaranteed Merchant Account with our partner, Cardservice International.

  • No hidden Fees. Everything you can expect to pay is stated here.
  • No Application Fee. Most banks will charge you hundreds of dollars merely to process your application, regardless of whether you are approved or rejected. There's no application fee when you choose our package, and by applying through us, you're virtually guaranteed approval!
  • Discounted Setup Fee. Applying through e1Front ensures you receive significant discounts, including a setup fee of only $295.00.
  • $30.00/mo Secure Gateway Fee. This amount buys you secure access to the credit card authorization center of Cardservice International. It also includes access to virtual terminals for “off-line” credit card processing needs.
  • $10.00/mo for merchant account services. Includes all the standard merchant services enjoyed by every merchant, plus personalized 24/7support and fast transfer of funds directly to your bank account.
  • 2.35 % Discount Rate. This is the percentage deducted from Visa/MasterCard transactions. While many merchant solutions offer discount rates as high as 4.5%, we're proud to offer one of the lowest in the industry.
  • $0.25 Transaction Fee per transaction. Compare this with the $0.35 and $0.50 transaction fees charged by other providers, and you'll see how the savings mount up!
  • Rapid Money Transfers. All funds are electronically deposited to your bank account within 48 to 72 hours. Personal Merchant Account Representative. You're not just another number.
  • Toll Free Merchant Support 24/7. Find out if money has been transferred to your account, or ask any questions about your statement.
  • Telephone Orders. Allows you to phone in orders from anywhere! Say you're selling your products on the road at trade shows, auctions, or conventions, and there is no Internet access available. Not to worry, because this plan allows you to phone in the credit card number to reserve your customers' funds for later processing. Never lose a sale!
  • Monthly Statements. Comprehensive and easy to follow transactions statement, so you know exactly what was deposited and deducted from your account.
  • Seamless Integration. When you order our Merchant Bundle, you will fill out the simple merchant account online application and receive instant approval. One of our partner account managers at Cardservice International will contact you the next business day with details concerning your account so that within days of submitting the online application, you will be conducting E-commerce!

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2- Internet Payment Processing GateCredit Card Processing capabilities through our payment processing technology partner, Cardservice International – the world's leading payment authorization service for online businesses. With this technology pre-integrated with your merchant account, you can securely process credit card payments. Every Merchant Bundle comes with the following features:

  • Real-Time Secure Credit Card Orders on your Website with LinkPoint HTML or LinkPoint API. With a simple link on your Web site you can seamlessly integrate secure, online, real-time credit card processing with your Web site's order form, just like e1Front does! When your customer clicks submit, his or her credit card is accepted or declined. If it's accepted, then -- thanks to the Merchant bundle's integration of the payment processing technology and your merchant account -- everything is taken care of for you, right down to the electronic transfer of the money from your customer's bank account to your bank account.
  • Linkpoint Virtual Terminal allows you to process credit card orders manually. It's just like the credit card machine you see at stores and restaurants, except it's Web-based and can be accessed through your browser from anywhere in the world! Moreover, it provides many enhanced capabilities for managing your transactions - new and recurring charges alike. LinkPoint Virtual Terminal has a feature that allows you to manually enter transactions or upload entire batches via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. It's the perfect solution for traditional businesses as well as start-ups looking for a faster, easier way to authorize and manage credit card transactions.
  • Secure server credit card processing. Periodic billing through the batch upload function. Automatically settles transactions daily. Complete online reporting capabilities. Protection against fraudulent transactions with the Address Verification Service (AVS). Access to sales data from any computer in the world with Internet access and a Web browser. No need for additional hardware or software. It's compatible with any hardware and operating platform. Supports an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Includes Toll Free Tech Support 24/7 so you never wait for answers on how to use your technology to its full potential! Includes all upgrades, so there are no added costs as Cardservice offers enhancements over the years.
  • Transferable. Most hosts merely rent you access to credit card payment gateways, and take it away if you wish to move your site. But once you begin using Cardservice International, you can take this account with you wherever you host!

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