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e-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution-Development

ECommerce means buying and selling of goods and services online over the Internet. We build ecommerce websites that turn your visitors into customers. Hidden Brains integrates communications, data management and security to offer clients Ecommerce solutions to businesses worldwide.

When creating shopping cart, we have included all the necessary tools required to build a successful ecommerce store. Plus, we are constantly improving and upgrading the software according to our clients requests. We have listed some of the features that are built into shopping cart for - Click here to view a complete list of our shopping cart features.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, easy to manage ecommerce
    e1Front develops complete and integrated e-commerce solutions, which enable your customers to get what they need quickly, conveniently, and in a secure manner.
  • Selling more products
    Our development strategy is designed to take the viewer to action, hence increasing sales and interaction. Each e-commerce application is highly robust enabling you to manage your merchandise and clients as you would in a real store.
  • Completely self managed
    Our e-commerce systems manage every aspect of your online business. Real-time shipping and accounting information lets your business track growth and adjust to emerging trends. The systems are simple and effective while incorporating valuable features such as preferred customers, specials sales, and complete administrative accounting

We provide quality, strategy and development for all four of these components with a good 24 x 7 support and this assure that we will make the ideal partner in your E-commerce solution as an offshore ecommerce service provider.

With the growing trends of globalization, each and every business firm is willing to expand its reach. We offer excellent web solution to them i.e. Portals! B2B Portal enables to find out a big chain working in the business field, which may help entrepreneur to open new horizons of business. This portal will provide data related to business community biz. as individuals, firms, corporate, institutions, societies, agencies etc.

E-commerce has been a bit of a buzz word for the last couple of years now. Trading on the Internet is a hugely complex business and there are many aspects to consider when designing a successful ecommerce site. We can make the whole process of e-commerce less complicated by getting info and planning the different stages. We would learn about your business model, then apply what we have learnt to a site which will be designed in conjunction with yourselves. We can advise whether taking credit card payments online is your best option or whether you should consider other avenues.

B2C portals provide wide customer base to business institutions. They provide vast database, which may help to market the products directly to the targeted consumers. B2B & B2C portals are beneficial for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers & customers also. Development of portals is based on information, requirement& need of particular business field.

Continuous improvement & timely changes are essential for each & every web site or portal developed by us. Therefore we provide redesigning facility to our existing and new clients. If you browse around for a few minutes and discover that your site is lacking something that does not attract the internet surfer to see it again & again, you must redesign your existing website. You have to add some graphics, flash/animation etc. to it & make it catchy. We provide always new & attractive packages for consumer's absolute satisfaction. With the help of our web solutions, our client must achieve his highest aim.

Utilizing eCommerce technology can allow a business to reach potential customers around the world.

The number of people gaining access to the Internet is growing at an extremely rapid rate. And as more people learn to familiarize themselves with the Internet, more people will be relying on it to complete their everyday tasks. Having an eCommerce capable website allows small to medium-sized companies to compete with larger-sized companies for a greater share of the market.

At e1Front our secure, scalable, and fully customizable eBusiness library of ERP-enabled modules encompass all the functionality commonly associated with eCommerce. We will provide you will a full range of eCommerce solutions to fit your individual business needs. The benefits of having an eCommerce/eBusiness site are as follows:

Sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
There is no need to pay customer service reps to sit at a phone all day long taking orders. With an eCommerce site, anyone in the world can purchase your products or service anytime he/she wants.

Provide a secure shopping cart and wish list for your customers
By utilizing this technology, customers can spend time researching your products and building a custom order rather than being put on the spot for a purchase.

Receive an email notification of new orders
As soon as an order is placed on your website, you will know about it! That way, the order can be processed and out the door as quickly as possible.

Process orders through an administrative console
e1Front will work with you to determine how you handle new orders. Using that information, we can then build a custom-tailored admin console that allows you to process new orders and view older ones.

Organize your products in a logical fashion
Our eCommerce sites will present your products however you'd like. By giving you the ability to manage categories and sub-categories to place your products in, you can present them in a way that makes sense to the end-user.

Track your inventory
e1Front can provide you with an inventory management system that makes sure your website only displays the products you have in stock. This saves a lot of grief from your customers.

Process credit cards online
You can authorize and even process credit cards online through a third-party merchant account, allowing you to accomplish the entire point of sale through your website.



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