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e-Commerce University :: How to start?

Online eCommerce have drastically changed the way we do business in this global economy. Markets and consumers are no longer confined by physical boundaries.

Millions are getting online everyday; which means millions are buying from the web. Online Sales have passed the billion dollar mark and the numbers are only going up. The only way to stake your claim in this billion dollar market is through E-commerce; selling your products and services through electronic means.

Here at e1Front.com, we make getting your business on the web easy and affordable. We offer free shared SSL for safety encryption of information

In order to get started you need to understand what is eCommerce!!

1 How to get started?
2 What is a shopping cart?
3 What is a internet payment processing gate?
4 What is merchant account?
5 What is a SSL Server Certificate?

1 How to get started?
You will need 7 elements to get started :

  1. Business Bank Account :
    Only if you use a merchant account
    Note: If you choose PayPal to be your one and only internet payment processing gateway, you don't need a business bank account, all what you need is personal bank account.
  2. Domain Name
    This is your store unique URL
    we can help you out to register/transfer your own domain name for as low as $10.99/year  CLICK HERE
  3. A shopping cart :
    is a way to sell your products online. We have one of the best shopping cart online.
    View all shopping cart features here and get a chance to view our eCommerce portfolio.
    Our shopping cart support paypal among many other payment processing gateways.

  4. A web design for you store :
    This design should integrate your shopping carts and other eCommerce elements
    we can help you out to design your unique store look and feel within your budget.
    Check our Web Design Portfolio.
  5. An Internet payment processing gate :
    to accept credit cards payments on-line and off-line
    Note: Both the merchant account & the payment processing gate are included in our Merchant Bundle.
    Note: If you choose PayPal to be your shopping cart, you don't need an Internet Payment Processing Gate.
  6. A merchant account :
    to facilitate the transfer of the money into your business bank account.
    Note: Both the merchant account & the payment processing gate are included in our Merchant Bundle.
  7. SSL Server Certificate ::
    We offer a FREE shared SSL but if you need your own certificate "which is much better for eCommerce sites" we can get you the best, 128
    GeoTrust QuickSSL Premier certificate for $229 "$20 less than GeoTrust" including installation.
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2 What is a Shopping Cart?
A shopping cart program is a way to sell your products online and it works just like it sounds. It tracks all the items that the shopper wants to buy and then enables the customer to purchase them from the comforts of their own home.

When shoppers are ready to buy, they head to the checkout counter. This is where they review all the items in their shopping cart, make changes, decide on things like gift wrapping and shipping, and finally, hand over their credit card number. 

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3 What is a Processing Gate?
Once the customer "clicks" on "buy this item" button, they are taken to a secure link. This secure page collects sensitive information and processes the transaction in a matter of seconds. It's simple quick and easy. Above all e1Front integrated these pages in your web site for your convenience.

This method replace the credit card machine and 24 hour employees by interfacing with your web page and promoting the customers to inter the correct information. The approval happens while the customer is still online, not the next day.

Note: Both the merchant account & the payment processing gate are included in our Merchant Bundle.

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4 What is a Merchant account?
A merchant account is a commercial bank account established by contractual agreement between your business and the banks we represent. A merchant account enables your business to accept credit card. For a merchant to be able to accept credit cards for payment on the Internet, the merchant must have an Internet merchant account with an acquiring institution. The acquirer authorizes the purchases made with the card and ensures that the funds are deposited into the merchant's bank account. Payment Processors like CARDSERVICE INTERNATIONAL act as the channel for moving the credit card transaction from the merchant's web site to the acquirer's processing network, receiving the results, and posting them back to the merchant's site. They also facilitates the settlement of funds from the cardholder to the acquiring institution. 
payments from your customers.

Note: Both the merchant account & the payment processing gate are included in our Merchant Bundle.

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5 what is a SSL Server Certificate?
SSL is a Short for "Secure Sockets Layer", a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL works by using a public key to encrypt data that's transferred over the SSL connection. Both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer support SSL, and many Web sites use the protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https//: instead of http://.

Secure communication over the Internet is continually gaining in importance. As concerns over privacy rights accentuate and the e-commerce per transaction dollar value increases, confidence that we are communicating confidentially is becoming all the more valuable. Also, business and consumer relationships are beginning to exist entirely on-line and parties need to have confidence that they are communicating with the intended counter party. SSL Web Certificates solve both of these problems for users sharing sensitive or private information with on-line merchants.

e1Front offers 128-bit GeoTrust QuickSSL Premier server certificates that are among the lowest priced, highest browser recognition Web Certificates available today.  GeoTrust QuickSSL Premier Web Certificates support 128-bit SSL communications, the highest level of security commercially available today. The use of 128-bit SSL certificates has become standard for e-commerce enabled web sites or any site that collects private information from users such as credit card numbers, account numbers or passwords. Learn More

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